Mark Lee
Mark LeeChairman of Kocham Cambodia

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We are entering our 11th year as an organization that has served our business members grow and succeed in Cambodia.

In the past 11 years, Korean businesses have thrived throughout Cambodia, with its initial hub in Phnom penh, and now spreading throughout Siem reap / Sihanouk ville areas.  We have strengthened our ties with other chambers of commerce, business organizations,  community leaders, and the media.

However, doing business has also evolved in these 11 years.  Many small “brick and mortar” businesses are losing touch with the fast developing economy that has become more competitive with new technologies and global labor force.   E-commerce and E-marketing have become the forefront of today’s business model that many small businesses cannot quite comprehend or catch up to.  Laws have also changed where cost of compliance may exceed cost of doing business.

In light of these business transformations, we will: 1) continue to help our members adapt and compete with current business environment; 2) advocate for our members against legislations that stifle their growth; 3) provide learning programs for our members so that they will avoid costly mistakes in noncompliance with web of intricate laws and regulations; and 4) strengthen “B2B” networks through various events and forums.

Our very existence after 11 years is a testament of our tireless dedication, diligence, and commitment in providing our members with a fertile business ground for their establishment, growth, and success in Cambodia.